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Get Great Auto Repairs at Smitty’s, Guaranteed!

From tune-ups and brake jobs to transmission repairs and overhauls, Smitty’s Transmission in Grand Forks, ND, offers a complete line of top-quality repairs for most vehicle makes, models and years. Not only do our highly-trained technicians provide these services affordably and promptly, but we stand behind all our work with an iron-clad warranty to put your mind at ease. 

Transmission Servicing, Repairs & Rebuilds

Most automotive transmission problems start out small and gradually worsen over time–until it’s too late. Taking excellent care of your transmission is our specialty, and catching an issue early on can save you a lot of money in the end. To keep your vehicle performing optimally, we deliver the following expert transmission services:

Automatic Transmission Servicing & Repairs

Transmission Rebuilds

Custom 4X4 Transmissions

Electrical Diagnosis

Personal, Fleet & Commercial Vehicles

High Performance & Heavy-Duty Transmissions

Manual Transmission Servicing & Repairs

Manual Clutch Servicing & Repairs

Electrical & Non-Electrical Diagnosis

PTO-Power Take Off

Shift Kit Installations

Transfer Cases

Transmission Band Adjustments

Transmission Fluid Exchanges

General Auto Repair & Car Care

When your auto needs more general services done, our state-of-the-art shop can assist you. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians provide a wide-range of general automotive diagnostics and repairs for most vehicle makes, models and years, including cars, light to heavy-duty trucks, SUVs and cross-overs. These services include:

Transmission Diagnostics, Repairs & Rebuilds

Brake System Inspections & Repairs

Fuel System Diagnostics & Repairs

Onboard Computer Reprogramming


Battery & Electrical System Diagnostics & Repairs

A/C & Heating System Diagnostics & Repairs

And More (Contact Us for details!)

Fuel System Diagnostics & Repairs

Our cars and trucks run on a mixture of fuel, air and spark. The fuel/air mixture must be in proportion to the speed and load that’s placed on your automobile’s engine. The major components of the fuel system include the tank and cap, emission controls, fuel line, filter, carburetor, and intake manifold and gauge- which indicates how much fuel is in the tank. To keep your fuel system performing right, our technicians will diagnose and service these parts:

BG Fuel Injection Service

Fuel Filter

Fuel Pump

Fuel Hoses

Fuel Line

Fuel Tank

Brake System Diagnostics & Repairs

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of its most important systems. Your car or truck’s braking system actually converts kinetic energy (momentum) into thermal (heat) energy, and it takes a force 10X more powerful to stop your vehicle than to put it into motion. In fact, a braking system can exert thousands of pounds of pressure on each of the four brakes! So, if you hear strange noises when applying your brakes, have to push the pedal to the floor, or it’s taking longer to stop than normal, don’t ignore the issue. Instead, make an appointment at Smitty’s Transmission, and one of our experienced technicians will check your brakes out, make the necessary repairs, and have you back safely on the road in no time. Our expert automotive brake system diagnostic and repair services include the following:

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake Drums

Emergency Brakes

Brake Hose Replacements

Brake Line Replacements

Master Cylinder

Pad Replacements

Power Boosters

Wheel Rotors

Wheel Cylinders

Take Advantage of Our One-Stop Shop

No driver likes having their ride in the shop. At Smitty’s Transmission, we understand your concerns, and whether your car or truck needs a routine check-up or more serious repairs, we’ll provide most everything you need in the convenience of our one-stop shop with quick turnaround times. To schedule an appointment today, visit our convenient Make an Appointment page, or call: (701) 772-5020 now.