Smitty’s Story

Our Half-Century of Success is Focused on You

When Smitty’s Transmission first opened its doors back in 1966, automatic transmissions were a new phenomenon and we quickly realized that servicing and repairing automatic transmissions would be a great business opportunity. Back then you needed to change the transmission fluid and filter yearly, because if you didn’t, the fluid would break down and cause transmission failure. Shifting was controlled by vacuum or cable and most transmissions only had 2 or 3 speeds. Over a half-century we’ve been in business, transmissions have evolved into very sophisticated, computer-controlled systems with 6 or more speeds.

Years ago, a transmission might fail several times during an automobile’s lifetime. Today’s high-tech transmissions can last almost forever if they are serviced properly. Since those early days, we’ve continued to grow thanks to our many loyal customers and employees, along with our commitment to quality, integrity and value. When Smitty’s first opened, we only specialized in automatic transmissions, but as time passed and our reputation grew, we expanded and became a full-line auto repair center that also expertly services brakes and fuel systems.

In addition to our valued customers, our growth has come from getting to know the owners and employees of local repair shops who refer transmission jobs to us they cannot do themselves. We’ve always prided ourselves with fixing hard-to-find problems by placing the latest diagnostic equipment in the hands of highly-skilled technicians. In fact, most of our technicians have been employed at our shop from 10 to 40 years, and some are ASC Gold Star Master Certified. So, if you live in the Grand Forks area, or are just passing through, when you need your auto serviced, stop by Smitty’s Transmission and we’ll get it done right!